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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What Are The Odds?


What Are The Odds?
by C. Donald Cole

Several months ago, a local newspaper ran a piece about odds. What are
the odds of this or that happening? In the questions asked, the odds
are not very good. I have a few examples of my own where the odds are
very good. But first, a definition: What does the word odds mean?

The dictionary defines it as "difference in favor of one side over the
other;" or "an equalizing advantage given by a bettor or competitor in
proportion to the assumed chances in his favor." A simpler definition
is "chances." What are the chances of this or that happening?

Your chances of being killed in an airplane crash are I in 11 million.
'Mat's reassuring. What are your chances of winning the Reader's
Digest sweepstakes? Answer: I in 213 million. You might as well save
the stamp. How about the odds that your 1040 Form will be audited by
the IRS? If you are poor, the chances are small; if you make a
reasonable amount of money, the chances are 284 to 1. Relax a little.
How about the odds of appearing on the Tonight Show? For most people,
the answer is 1 in 490,000. For me, it's one in
billions; I could not imagine myself fraternizing with the chaps on the
Tonight Show. Not unless they let me preach.

Now for better odds. If you listen seriously to the Word of God, you
will probably begin to seek the Lord. The odds are not even; you may
decide to reject the word of God. God will let you reject him. But if
you seek him with all your heart, you'll find him (Isaiah 55:6;
Jeremiah 29:13; Luke 1 1: 10). 'Mere are no odds; it's a certainty.

If you are serious about God but the Gospel doesn't make sense to you,
careful reading of The Gospel According to john will clear up your
doubts. Your chances of becoming a believer in Jesus Christ are 1 in 1
(John 20:30-31). In other words, it will happen; you will receive him
as Lord and Savior.

Here are two more certainties; the odds are even. In fact, there are
no odds; there is no question of chances. First, you will surely die;
second, you will have to face God (Hebrews 9:27; John 5:25-29). About
this there is no doubt; it will happen more surely than the sun's
rising in the east.

Your chances of winning the lottery are virtually nil; your chances of
dying of snakebite are equally remote: 2.9 in 10 million. Your chances
of being injured in an automobile accident are pretty grim: 1 in 75.
But the odds that you will die are ... well, there are no odds; there
is only certainty-100 percent certainty.

I appeal to you to repent and believe the gospel. Open your heart to
Jesus and be saved. If you receive him, forgiveness, cleansing,' and,
eventually, heaven are guaranteed-100 percent.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

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